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1 de noviembre de 2017 07:41 AM Who is Sayfullo Saipov? – 6 things to know about the New York truck attack terror suspect

Police say the attack that transformed a popular New York City bike path along the Hudson River into a scene of terror was perpetrated by a lone man they consider a terrorist. A family friend described the suspect as calm and hard-working, while President Donald Trump derided him as "sick and deranged." A picture of the man's life only just began to emerge 21

5 de octubre de 2017 03:19 PM Google Pixel 2 Preview

Google's new Pixel is downright squeezable. The 5-inch Pixel 2 (starting at $649) is a clean, good-looking Android phone built by HTC that fits well in one hand and should run speedily on all US networks. But its differentiating feature is the fact that you can squeeze the phone to trigger Google Assistant, which offers exclusive features here you can't 22

21 de septiembre de 2017 03:57 PM Meet Frida, the dog who comes to the rescue whenever disaster strikes

Wearing serious goggles, all-terrain boots and a khaki padded vest, Frida the search and rescue dog has become a social media hero. But it's her amazing life-saving work and not her style that has earned her accolades. In her work with the Mexican Navy’s (SEMAR) Canine Unit, the Labrador has rescued 52 people, including at least a dozen from one of Mexico's 23

20 de septiembre de 2017 07:50 PM Latin American cinema culture is celebrated in a new PST: LA/LA series

The theaters had wonderful, even poetic names: the Azteca, the Teatro Electrico, the Mayan, the California, the Roosevelt, the Mason and the Million Dollar. But though many of them have disappeared, the films they specialized in for decades are, "Brigadoon" style, making a surprising comeback in all their glory to show us, if only briefly, what we've 24

20 de septiembre de 2017 06:46 PM How To Donate To Mexico City Organizations That Are Essential To Earthquake Recovery Efforts

The latest in the recent numbingly long series of natural disasters hit central Mexico on Tuesday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that has claimed more than 200 lives so far. It's the latest in a string of natural disasters that have rocked the country in the past weeks, from deadly hurricanes to earthquakes. You can donate to these organizations helping 27

18 de septiembre de 2017 06:11 PM Trump and Santos to Weigh Plans to Pressure Venezuela Government

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and President Donald Trump will discuss how to best to apply pressure to Venezuela when they meet Monday as part of a gathering with other Latin American presidents. Colombia, the U.S. and other countries must work together to show the Venezuelan government it has “no support whatsoever” and help promote the country’s 24

14 de septiembre de 2017 06:30 AM Detoxifying Spain's Separatist Debate

Catalonia's separatist leaders say they will declare independence from Spain within 48 hours of victory in the independence referendum they've called for Oct. 1. Spain's highest court has ruled the referendum unconstitutional, and the government is determined to disrupt the ballot. A toxic combination of festering frustrations, nationalist myth, and mismanagement 20

12 de septiembre de 2017 11:58 AM Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program UK: How Does It Work And Is It Worth it?

Want a new iPhone every year? This could be for you. With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X on the horizon, many will be wondering firstly whether they actually need a new iPhone and then if so, how to get one. Apple’s smartphone’s aren’t cheap, they never have been. The apex 256GB iPhone 7 Plus costs a whopping £919 and there are rumours that the iPhone X could 65

1 de julio de 2017 04:53 AM Juan Fernando Herrán: Ni héroes ni mártires

Ni héroes ni mártires (Neither heroes nor martyrs) is the second exhibition shown within the Encuentros Latinoamericanos programme (Latin American Encounters), hosted annually by Museo Amparo. This project aims to provide a meeting space for dialogue and critical reflection around artistic production in the subcontinent. Encuentros Latinoamericanos is also an editorial 32

24 de junio de 2017 10:18 AM British government says 27 apartment blocks fail fire safety tests

LONDON Twenty seven high-rise apartment blocks have failed fire cladding safety tests that were launched in the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze which killed 79 people, the British government said on Saturday. The Department for Communities and Local Government said 27 developments from London in the south east to Manchester in the north and Plymouth 40